About The Lion Hemp

"The Lion Hemp" is the UK's leading supplier of high-quality CBD products based in London. We are convinced of the versatility and power of the hemp plant. With our high-quality CBD products, we also want to bring more well-being into your everyday life.

Our goal is to become the world's leading brand of certified organic and %100 vegan CBD products. Our first-class customer service and the high quality of our products will be involved in ensuring this role.


Strict controls

Quality CBD products start with the soil in which the hemp seeds are planted. The soil must be free of herbicides, pesticides and other chemicals. Only then can we grow our hemp plants organically and sustainably. In Croatia, we have land that meets our requirements. On this land, we plant EU-certified organic industrial hemp plants. These plants are specially grown for their favourable cannabinoid ratios; a high percentage of CBD (cannabidiol) and a meagre (less than 0.05%) THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) percentage.


From hemp plant to CBD product

Every day, local farmers take care of our industrial hemp plants in a nature-friendly way. They manually select the best hemp plants for further production. Through their hard work, love and attention, our hemp plants need nothing but the power of nature and a little water to grow. 

After the farmers have harvested the plants, we continue with the production process. We use everything from the hemp plant. From the seeds and flowers, we make CBD products and rest of the plant is going further for textile and other. We use a supercritical CO2 extraction to extract all the essential components from the plant's seeds and flowers.



Quality, organic and %100 vegan is our starting point. During the production process, we don't add anything that is not necessary. Substances that are of no use to the body are carefully removed from the products. Therefore, you will never find any chemicals or alcohol solutions in our products. All our products certified organic and vegan.


We ensure product safety and the highest possible quality; each batch is subjected to multiple internal and external tests and analyses.


Research and development

Providing quality CBD products that contribute to a balanced lifestyle. To this end, we are always working on new or improved ways to increase our organic hemp extracts' bioavailability. The higher the bioavailability, the better the body can absorb the nutritional ingredients of hemp. To achieve this, constant research is needed. Therefore, we invest a severe amount of time, money, and human resources in our products' research and development. In this way, we keep abreast of technological developments and can integrate them directly into the production process where appropriate.

There we hit the nail directly on the head. We want to educate you properly with information you understand. No summing up of all kinds of chemical terms that you have never heard of before. Just good and precise information and explanations about our products and the substance CBD.


Remarkable personal advice

Besides informing you well about CBD and its use, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We do everything to remain loyal to our customers and provide them with quality products, personal advice, excellent customer service and reliable, honest information. You can contact our customer service with all your questions through the mail and our live chat. We strive to answer your emails during office hours as soon as possible, often within half an hour. We have also developed a unique tool that can help you choose the right product. By answering a number of questions in our advice questionnaire, you will be shown an overview of the most popular products suitable for your purpose!


Our customer service has several years of experience in consulting on the use of CBD products and is ready to help you.

* Our advice does not replace the professional advice of your doctor or pharmacist.